Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital Saratoga Offers an Internship program for veterinarians and an Externship program for veterinary students.


Veterinary Internships are for one year and are offered in the hospital.  
Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital (RREH) veterinary internship program was established in 1986.  Our Lexington ambulatory internship program began in 1998.  Additionally, our Saratoga Springs practice started an internship program in 2013 and our Wellington practice in 2017.   The Lexington practice currently offers 9 hospital focused and 5 ambulatory internships. In addition, RREH in Saratoga offers 4 hospital focused internship positions and RREH in Wellington offers 3 hospital focused internship positions.
The internship positions are intended to provide each intern with the foundation they need to confidently enter private practice or pursue further training in a residency program.
The interns are encouraged to participate in retrospective studies based on the RREH caseload.  Many interns have presented the results of these studies at the AAEP, ACVS, ACVIM and SFT symposiums and other national meetings. Those who have completed our internship program are welcome back to fulfill parts of their specialty board requirements at RREH if needed.

What Our Interns Do

Our hospital interns participate in surgery, medicine and anesthesia services.  Primary responsibilities will include care of hospital patients, emergency duty, assisting with surgery, anesthesia, medicine procedures, imaging and lameness exams.  The responsibilitites of the interns vary between the services and the amount of seasonal work.  During the busy season, the work day is routinely 12-13 hours long plus emergencies, but off-season work days can be much shorter.  Each day those interns with in-hospital patients, assess and are responsible for basic care, perform minor treatments and bandage changes before morning rounds.  After rounds, more extensive examinations and procedures are done with the clinician e.g., lameness, endoscopic, ultrasound and radiographic exams, etc.  The vast majority of interns' time is spent in the hospital, but occassionally they may go on farm calls.  Emergency duty is a significant part of the internship experience.  

Worldwide Recognition

Since the internship program commenced, 316 veterinarians have completed the program as of this update (February 2020).  We have had 234 people who have completed the hospital internship, 81 people have completed the ambulatory internship, 5 people have completed the podiatry internship and 13 people have completed the medicine fellowship.

Our interns have been a diverse group, having come from nearly every veterinary school in the United States, 5 veterinary schools in Canada and the Caribbean and from 13 other foreign veterinary schools. Following the Rood & Riddle experience, our interns have contributed to equine veterinary medicine by filling positions in private practice, universities, industry and the military. 

Many interns have pursued residency training and become board certified specialists. RREH intern alumni have earned diplomate status from 9 AVMA specialty colleges and one European specialty college. A total of 99 previous interns have passed a specialty board exam, with 16 passing more than one exam.  This includes the following specialty colleges with number of board certified intern alumni:

  • ACVS - 61
  • ACVIM - 20
  • ACVECC - 7
  • ACVSMR - 9
  • ACT - 4
  • ACVR - 4
  • ABVP - 3
  • ACVA - 2
  • ACVO - 3
  • ACVD-Eq - 1
  • ECVS - 3
  • ECVS & ACVS - 2


Internships are salaried positions with benefits including health insurance, professional liability insurance, one week paid vacation and expenses paid for one approved veterinary conference.  For specific details on salary benefits and additional information, please contact Dr. Lindsey Rings, intern coordinator at

How to Apply

Internships are for one year and run from June to June. Applications are accepted in the fall of each year. Application deadline falls in October for internships beginning the following year in May/June. Please contact Nikki Stokes for exact date. Notification of acceptance is in  November. If you have any questions regarding this program or would like to apply for a hospital or ambulatory internship position, please send a curriculum vitae, letter of intent, your veterinary school transcripts and three letters of reference to Dr. Lindsey Rings at 


Veterinary Externships are available for veterinary students seeking equine clinical experience to satisfy externship requirements for their degree.  Visits may be scheduled throughout the calendar year for up to a three week visit.  Extrernships are limited to third and fourth year veterinary students only.

Rood & Riddle offers to veterinary students an externship program that provides a clinical experience to satisfy the externship requirements for their degree. As a private clinic the amount of actual "hands-on” experience is limited. However, there is an enormous amount of information to be gained by observation and exposure to our heavy caseload. Clinicians, interns and technicians make every effort to explain hospital cases and procedures whenever possible. Externs work with hospital clinicians or ambulatory practitioners on a rotational basis.                                                   
Limited on-site housing is provided at no cost to the student, and must be reserved when scheduling an externship. Externs may stay up to 3 weeks. 

To request an externship application or for additional information, please contact us at The student must also have a letter of reference from a professor sent to Whitney Fields at . After the reference letter and applications are received, externships are approved and notifications and date confirmations sent to students.